About Xtreme Containment & Shrink Wrap:

All team members of Xtreme Shrink & Service love what we do and get excited about each and every project, it gives us the opportunity to design and build something that may have never been done. We look forward to the challenges that defy the basic thought that plastic sheathing is weak and can’t hold up to the forces of nature. We like to prove that it can! Also, there is no other shrink wrapping company in the state of New Mexico or Western corridor in the United States, including California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, & Nevada. We are also an international company, so we can travel anywhere in the world.
Quality of Our Service:

Applying shrink wrap takes technique and dedication, our company provides both. We pride ourselves on the customer satisfaction when the job is completed and the asset is protected! Our company has also been trained by pioneers within the shrink wrapping business. Our company stands behind our experience to do the job right the first time!






The purpose of Xtreme Shrink & Service is to provide our service for protection of your valuable assets through any elements that nature puts forth. We will focus on a quick, upscale, safe service. Xtreme Shrink & Service have a strong commitment to quality shrink wrapping that can be realized through customer satisfaction and perfection of our work.



Xtreme Shrink & Service vision is to be recognized leader in the shrink wrapping industry for the West Coast part of the United States with interest in expanding to multiple locations. Our vision can only be realized by providing our customers with

1. Premium Materials

2. General Quality Customer Service

3. Timely Service & Installation

4. Superior Work



Xtreme Shrink & Service value’s the customer and their assets, who are the source and purpose of our business. Our commitment to our customers’ assets can only be accomplished by providing customers with honest, prompt, and quality service, while receiving customer feedback on their shrink wrapping service.