1. Shrink Wrap VS. Tarps?

Shrink wrap comes in many different sizes for the diverse applications. With a tarp there is more damage that can be done including abrasions of paint, window damage, corrosion, and scratches. Shrink wrap is a tougher material that ranging from6 mil to 12 mil thickness. This helps with heat and wind stretching or tearing of the product. Shrink wrap also has UV inhibitors that are made to protect from the sun that tarps cannot accomplish. Shrink wrap also is waterproof and flame retardant. Where tarps ARE NOT!

2. Recyclable?

Shrink wrap is recyclable and is LEED certified product in most countries and states. There also is a recycling program that shrink wrap manufactures will recycle the product for you.

3. Is the Shrink Wrap Reusable?

No. The shrink wrap is applied for only a one time use. Most Tarps are also good for only one season or a onetime use application. With Shrink Wrap you are getting a BETTER BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!

4. What can be protected and covered?

Our slogan at Xtreme Shrink & Service is “We Can Protect Anything.” This statement is true!!! Shrink Wrap can protect anything!! Structures, Boats, Cars, RV’s, Military Equipment, Freight, Air Conditioners, Furniture, Houses, Airplanes, and much more. Big or small shrink wrap can be used on ANYTHING!!!