Disaster Relief

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Natural Disaster brings distress and panic around the world and can leave victims without shelter food and water.  Xtreme Shrink & Service has an answer to aiding with the shelter aspect of the cause. By providing our 12 millimeter thick shrink wrap we are able to design protective structures for disaster relief and much more.

Our teams our responsive and immediate when we get called out for a natural disaster. We also wear all proper safety equipment and take all precautions to complete and aid victims in the disaster. Listed below is a few of many disaster relief services:

1. Shrink Wrapped Support Structures: These include walls, doors, and roofs while permanent structure are being constructed.

2. Temporary Roof Structures: In many disaster roof fly off in disasters, so we design temporary roofs for protection and shelter against the outside elements.

3. Spill Containment: When oil or a harmful substance is spilled on or around an object we can contain that substance from spreading.

4. Cover and Contain Excavated Material: Covering of materials that are too large in size that need to be moved at a later date and to not allow debris to fall off.

Xtreme Shrink & Service is glad to protect and preserve your assets and equipment. We pride ourselves on using the number one shrink wrap material in our industry and provide our quality service to each of our customers. Fill free to browse our website for more information. Let our professionals help you protect your assets!!

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