containment02Xtreme Shrink & Service has had the pleasure in working with many of our country’s power generation and support. For example: NASA, PNM, Tri State Power Corp., Western Refinery, El Paso Natural Gas & many more. These energy generating companies are spread throughout the entire world and we will gladly travel to those locations to complete a job. Xtreme Shrink & Service has always has had the pleasure of designing successful shrink wrap applications to fit the requirements of these corporations. Our shrink wrap has been proven to protect energy components that our costly and sensitive.

Our shrink wrap has also been used by most energy companies throughout our world for storage, protection against debris & chemicals, cleanliness, & increase mechanical life of equipment. We typically use 12 millimeter thick shrink wrap containing UV Inhibitors, Water Proof, & Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap. This type of shrink wrap is the most durable, safest, and longest lasting shrink wrap available in our market.

style00003Xtreme Shrink & Service will follow every protocol and procedure put forth while on a jobsite. We also wear proper gear and protection complying with OSHA regulation standards. We are licensed to work on high rise equipment & heavy machinery.

We also will gladly provide records for any and every employee on the jobsite. At times we have been asked to complete a drug screening and will be happy to complete if needed. Also, any specific training that is needed by the facility we will gladly take. Xtreme Shrink & Service will be happy to gain knowledge for our safety and others.