Xtreme Shrink & Service has completed many shrink wrap jobs to protect and secure assets and equipment to travel across the world. Transport vehicles such as boats, semi trucks, train, or airplane use tarps, containers, and wood crating that leaves the valuable assets that are being transported unprotected. The harsh weather conditions that each country and state hold, leaves your asset at risk while being transported. Rocks, debris, sea salt, ice, and snow from the means of the route taken can also damage your asset.

Freight companies and Trucking companies are known for using tarps and containers to protect items. Listed below are the benefits of using shrink wrap rather than tarps for transportations and freight.

Protecting your asset while being transported using our protective shrink wrap can save you not only time repairing damage, but SAVE YOU MONEY as well. Damaging product from bungee cords, chains, and unnecessary strapping to hold down the tarps can damage your asset. With a result of this a company will face down time and unnecessary repairs. Having out company shrink wrap your asset before being transported or shipped can SAVE YOU MONEY!!

Xtreme Shrink & Service prides itself on protecting your asset from the elements of Mother Nature. We use the most durable, longest lasting, and premium shrink wrap and equipment that in our industry. Let our professionals use our proper material and equipment to secure your product for a damage free transportation of your assets!!

Before                                                          After

Before Industrial Tab   After Industrial Tab

Before                                                              After

cab bef   cab after

Before                                                                               After
Little motors before   little motors after

Before                                                                     After

weird motor bef

Weird motor aft