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Xtreme Shrink & Service has professionally wrapped many Boats & RV’s in our industry from small to large in size. Boat & RV shrink wrapping allows for a clean RV &boat, eliminates rust, protects from harsh sun baking and paint fading. Mother nature throws many different weather elements at our assets. Many individuals place tarps on their boats and RV’s.

This technique DOES NOT WORK for your boats or RV’s! Using a tarp to cover your boat and RV will allow debris do get in, rain to seep through, cracks on upholstery, cracks on paint, and also broken windows from strapping to secure tarp. Xtreme Shrink & Service wrap does not miss big or small details that will keep your RV & Boat safe from mother nature. Xtreme Shrink & Service is committed covering the entire boat and not just bits and pieces. Our shrinkwrap is brought all the way down the side of the boat to cover as much of the boat as possible
Open bow Boat 1   open Bow boat covered   mastercraft before    Boat Tab

Before                                 After                               Before                                  After


sail boat     sail boat after    blue stripe boat    blue stripe boat after
Before                                  After                              Before                                  After

Radar arches, towers, fly bridge, swim Platforms, (Gill) Brackets, Hard Tops, Soft Tops, Wrapping to the Water Line may require additional charges…Please Call 505-290-9837 The following breakdown is an approximate cost for all shrink wrap supplies necessary to install a storage cover on several different sizes of boats. This pricing also includes the cost of 2” X 4” boards for the support structure, venting, etc.

Xtreme Shrink & Service also supplies venting, zipper access doors, and moisture capsules for extra add on to the shrink wrap. The zipper access doors are applied using our shrink wrap tape and are also very easy to remove. The venting will help allow an even air flow movement throughout the watercraft to eliminate from mold and mildew. The rust capsules will not allow for rust to accumulate.