Military & Government

style00002Xtreme Shrink & Service has been used for supplying all US Military Branches, US Armed Forces, Department of Defense DOD, & National Labs with our services. If it is working directly with the military or contractors for the military to shrink wrap and protect valuable items, Xtreme Shrink & Service can do it! Xtreme Shrink & Service has the teams and personnel to complete any military shrink wrap job that is given.

Military shrink wrapping items can be small to large. Shrink wrapping military items can be used for long durations, or short durations of time. Traveling from across the world to another country during this time of war, or from an Army military base to a National Guard base in another state our shrink wrap can protect military equipment and while it is being transported or stored. Assets for the military consist of high technological advanced equipment, military aircraft, and military vehicles. Other type of governmental equipment and machinery is on a confidential and must be handled accordingly. Xtreme Shrink & Service can and will handle all military equipment with the proper care.

Again military shrink wrapping can be used for long term, or short term use. Shrink wrapping a military item also can take away from weight. Crating a military item adds delays and also high amounts of extra weight to the item. Shrink wrap is one of the strongest and most durable types of plastics made.

Our shrink wrap can be used for the military as Asset Protection, Storage, Freight, Winterization, and Damage Protection. There are three different types of shrink wrap Blue, White, and Clear in 6 and 7 mil thicknesses, from 12 feet to 36 feet wide. All our shrink wrap films have UVI protection (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also has EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) added to keep the polyethylene soft and flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. Our shrink wrap fights corrosion on materials VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor).

Shrink wrapping for our United States government or United States military branches is a service that we feel is beneficial to help our troops get the job done. Xtreme Shrink & Service appreciates everything the United States Armed Forces has done for our freedom and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

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