Reusable Boat Shrink Wrap

Reusable Boat Covers





  • Inner non-woven lining reduces condensation associated with typical film. Non-abrasive non-woven lining protects finishes from damage.
  • Stand-alone product — no bubble wrap, micro-foam, or any other product is needed.
  • The heat shrinking process provides a tight fit so that the cover will stay on during transportation or storage.
  • Easy to apply in just a few minutes.
  • Universal covers fit a majority of storage applications.
  • 2 year UV inhibitor. • Waterproof yet breathable fabric resists mold and mildew.
  • Tran-shield can be removed quickly and easily.
  • Can be reused for a minimum of two storage seasons.


Boat Sizes

  • 14’-27’ in length
  • 8’ in width


Xtreme Mobile Shrink Wrap Boat Price List

Length Price
14-16ft $390
16-18ft $450
19-21ft $480
21-23ft $540
23-25ft $600
25-27ft $660
27-29ft $700


*These prices reflect our technicians for shrink wrapping and heating the product to fit your boat for the reusable cover for the first application.